How To Get Liquor License in Seattle

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The liquor industry is one of the highly regulated commercial segments in Seattle as measures have been taken to curb the use of drugs not only across the state but nationally. As an entrepreneur, you are tasked with meeting the numerous regulations which have been put in place before you can have the legal rights to sell liquor. The following vital steps must be followed to the latter if you expect the whole licensing period to be smooth;

  1. You must have applied for your Business License and received it from the state licensing department.
  2. Have an understanding of the different liquor licenses and which one you need. There are two main categories of liquor permits for businesses namely retail and non-retail licenses. Retail licenses are primarily required for businesses that intend to sell to clients who will consume their products within the premises. A non-retail permit, on the other hand, is for businesses that sell products for off-premises consumption.
  3. The next step is to apply for a liquor board addendum which will be required for each category. The application forms are readily available in the official website of Seattle and must be carefully filled for the avoidance of rejection due to errors.
  4. A licensed investigator will then work through the details of the application with the waiting period estimated to be a maximum period of 20 days. This phase where you have to deal with an investigator is always the longest and can take a number of weeks as every detail is professionally scrutinized. However, if you take prior caution to include all paperwork the process can be much shorter.
  5. Approvals and receiving of the liquor license. If the investigator gives your business a clean bill of health, the state department will then process your license which will provide the go-ahead for selling alcohol within the stated premises in Seattle.

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